Thorum Lifetime Warranty

Thorum Rings Lifetime Warranty
Every Thorum ring comes backed with a lifetime warranty, no matter what. What does that mean?
Lose it? We'll replace it. 
Scratch it? We'll replace it. 
Stolen? We'll replace it. 
Dog ate it? We'll replace it. 
The Thorum lifetime warranty protects you against everything and anything you can think of. We get it, we're people too and life happens so we want to make sure your investment is protected. We'll replace your original purchase one time with the same exact design as long as we still have it available. If we no longer have that design available, you're welcome to select any ring that is the same value (or less) than your original Thorum ring.
If something happens to your replacement ring down the road, we are happy to replace it with a pre-selected titanium Thorum ring.
How To Claim Lifetime Warranty Thorum Rings
If your ring has visible damage (cracked, chipped, etc.) or a manufacturer defect that you've noticed within the first 30 days of your purchase, this will not count toward your warranty replacement. Please email our customer service team and they will be happy to get a replacement sent.
If you need to make a claim on any physical defects, scratches, stolen or lost property, please email our team with your original order number and the reason for needing a replacement. In most cases, we'll be able to get your replacement ring out the next business day.