What is Comfort Sizing?


So you are in the market for a ring, but you don’t know what size to look for? Buying online can be difficult when sizes are different depending on the store you shop at. Moreover, there are soo many different types of ring fits it can all get so confusing! Not to worry as we will help make the sizing and fittings easy to understand.

What is a Comfort Ring fit?

Comfort-fitted rings have a domed interior, giving them a rounded curve around the finger. Often rings made in this style are thicker and made of stronger metals than a standard ring including Titanium or Tungsten Carbide. Another feature of this ring fit is the fact it is specifically designed to increase the blood flow of the digits during exercise and everyday activities. 

What is a Standard Ring fit?

Standard fitted rings are flat around the interior of the ring and are often considered the more traditional type of ring fitting, made typically from softer materials including gold or silver. 

Why is the Comfort Ring fit Better than the Standard fit?


Although you might choose one or the other based on personal preference, the comfort fit is undoubtedly better in most cases. This is because not only is it sturdy, it is better for the overall health of your fingers in the long run! It is designed for comfort and to ensure the constant flow of blood regardless of what you are doing.

A downside to the comfort fit is that in order to create the rounded edge it needs more metal than a standard fit, but it ensures the durability and the slide on and off with ease. No matter your way of life this type of fit suits all occasions and will ensure you have a comfortable fit!

At Thorum most of our rings are made to be comfortable, and sturdy, not just to look good! If the comfort fit is right for you then you should check out our ring collection to suit all types of people!

Ring Sizing


Via: Thorum.com

At Thorum, we use a simple ring sizer to help with that! For just $10 + shipping you can get this easy-to-use sizer to decide on the correct fit for your ring. A great thing about that is that you get a 20% discount voucher included.

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