Wedding Ring Trends for 2023

Wedding season is upon us, and we’re always on the lookout for what’s trending (and what’s not). We’ve scoured the internet for the best wedding ring trends of 2023 and we’ll give you all the deets on what to avoid when shopping for your wedding ring. 

Trend 1: Natural Wood Rings

Not only are natural wood rings beautiful, but they’re one of the most unique materials you can choose from. Since each cut of wood is naturally occurring, each and every wooden wedding ring is as unique as you’d find it in nature. 
The Timber Thorum Ring

Wooden wedding rings are durable, lightweight, and are always a conversation starter. Thorum has a variety of different woods to choose from, like prehistoric oak, American walnut, Jack Daniel’s whiskey barrel, California redwood, and a bunch more. We’ve integrated these into different designs ranging from bold mostly-wood designs, to more subtle wooden inlays with mixed materials. 

Trend 2: Rose Gold

So many brides are opting for rose gold engagement rings, so it seems fitting that our grooms are following suit with wedding rings accented with rose gold. The Legend is a perfect example of modern meets traditional, layering super durable tungsten carbide and polished anodized titanium. 

The Legend Black and Rose Gold Ring

For a more masculine, more subtle hint of rose gold, The Direwolf is the perfect handsome design for the fella wanting to match his stylish bride while keeping his masculine sense of style. 

Trend 3: Rare Materials

Not every ring shop or jeweler is going to have rings made from super rare materials like certified dinosaur bone, or Gibeon meteorite, but at Thorum rings we have you covered. 

Dinosaur Bone Ring

We use authentic rare materials in every ring to create a conversation piece that you can be proud to wear and show off. Each dinosaur bone ring also comes with a signed certificate of authenticity, you know, just in case anyone asks. 

Trend 4: Nods to History

We know there are plenty of history buffs out there, or people that just genuinely enjoy unique items with a historical background. We have designed a selection of Thorum rings with a historical element, like the popular WW2 Ring, that features authentic timber from an M1 garand that once saw active duty.  

WW2 Ring Thorum

Each ring has it’s own unique story, just like you do. We hope you can find something that speaks to you, your lifestyle, or any of your hobbies. Our customer service team is always available to answer your questions so feel free to reach out and they’d be happy to find the perfect ring for you. 

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