Wedding Ring Materials: A Guide

If you’re unsure of what ring material you should choose for your wedding ring, here’s our all-inclusive guide on our wedding ring materials and what to expect from your Thorum ring. The premium materials we craft our rings from have different weights, lusters, and distinguishing properties. While all beautiful options, we hope to answer any questions you might have about the different materials we use to make our rings. 


We exclusively use grade-five titanium 6al-4v, which basically means it’s stronger than steel, at less than half the weight. It will never rust or corrode. Its natural oxide coating gives it a smokey gray aesthetic. 

Why choose me?

I’m unbelievably light (closer in weight to aluminum than to steel), and very comfortable. Wear me if you want to feel as if you have nothing on at all. You’ll never have to worry about care and maintenance - it’s impossible to make me rust.

The Lionheart Titanium Wedding Ring

Tungsten Carbide

We only use CW2 Tungsten Carbide. It’s entirely hypoallergenic, heavier than steel (similar to gold in weight), and stronger than any other alloy available. TC will shatter under tension, making it much, much safer for degloving disasters. 

Why choose me?

I’m heavy. I’m robust. I’m the paragon of modern metalworking. I will never rust or corrode, and I will always look exactly like the day you met me. Pick me if you're looking for a hypoallergenic wedding ring.  

The Kratos Tungsten Wedding Ring

Damascus Steel:

Damascus steel is formed by forge welding multiple different alloys of steel. It’s hammered, shaped, and welded until it reveals its beautiful pattern. Be aware that carbon damascus can rust, and requires special care and maintenance. 

Why choose me?

Choose me if you want intrigue, and interest on your hand forever. I’m a crowd pleaser, and a conversation starter. I look like something out of this world. 

The Sensei Damascus Wedding Ring


Ceramic is carved from bars of blown carbon. They are colored throughout the entire material. Ceramic is the most heat resistant material we’ve ever used in a ring.

Why choose me?

I’m an underdog in the ring industry. The thing is, I will never fade, and never scuff. I’m so hard that machinists use me to cut Titanium. I come in brilliant gunmetal blacks, and bright white varieties.

The Hemingway Black Ceramic Wedding Ring

Carbon Fiber:

We use forged, chipped carbon fiber, as well as tow wrapped varieties. Carbon fiber has a strength to weight ratio that is simply unmatched. 

Why choose me?

I’m lightweight, and aerodynamic. Swift, and tactical. Carbon fiber is utilized by engineers spanning from F1 to Space X for its unique properties. Also. I’m the only ring around here that floats in water. 

The Thorn Carbon Fiber Ring

Inlay materials:


Why choose me?

Pick me if you want something out of this world. I was formed near the birth of our solar system - around 4.5 billion years ago. I took my time in space, and finally fell to Earth sometime in the last 30,000 years. 

I have an entirely unique aesthetic, molding my nickel and iron into striations of intrigue. 

The Black Meteorite Wedding Ring


Why choose me?

Long touted as the hardest timber known to mankind, and to be frank I’m as strong as a brick shit house. Sailors from antiquity used me as ball bearings, and for pulley systems, considering my mammoth durability. 

Yes. I do. You don’t even have to ask; I sink in water.

The Zeus Ironwood Wedding Ring

Whiskey Barrel:

Why choose me? 

Why the hell not? Do you like whiskey? I’m cut from old grown Jack Daniel’s barrels. I’ve got a distinguished coffee flavored appearance. 

The Jameson Whiskey Barrel Wedding Ring

Dinosaur bone:

Why choose me?

Every grown ass man and woman has a child inside secretly wishing that they could visit Jurassic Park. We exclusively use the tyrant king’s bones - Tyrannosaurus Rex. Every Dinosaur Bone ring comes included with a certificate of authenticity so you know you're getting the real deal. 

The T Rex Dinosaur Bone Ring

For additional information on how to care for your wedding band, check out this quick guide on aftercare and maintenance tips.

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