Thorum Wedding Bands featured in Critical Role DnD Campaign

Hail shieldbrother and shieldsister.

Our wedding bands were featured in this week's episode of Critical Role! Sam absolutely killed it with the ad read mentioning our meteorite wedding bands, and dinosaur bone rings.

Steph and I have been playing DND since 2017 with a fellowship of our friends. We're massive fans of Critical Role!

Our shipping manager Chris is also a DM who is currently involved in an intriguing monster campaign.

Caleb Martin and Stephanie Martin Thorum and Critical Role DND

Critical Role is the largest Dungeons and Dragons production on the planet. All of their episodes are available on Twitch and Youtube.

Their newest campaign is the best yet. They've destroyed a lot of furniture so far (if you know, you know).


The Forte - Damascus Steel Wedding band from Thorum and Critical Role

Nat 20 on the first take!

Not really haha. But Steph did spend an hour getting it right. 

Featured in the gif is The Forte, a wedding band forged from Damascus Steel and reclaimed Whiskey Barrel. 

What wedding ring will you chose from Thorum? Feature in Critical Role

What class will you choose?

Will you be ostentatious, loud, and the center of attention (cough bard)?

Or will you be a rough and tough Barbarian with berserker RAGE?

We're personally looking forward to Critical Role's journey, as well as our continued partnership together. 

Look for Thorum's wedding bands again soon in a future episode of Critical Role.

As always, if you ever have any questions, we'd love to hear from you:



6 commentaires

  • Emily

    Need to know – where did you get those awesome dice from?

  • Rachel

    Other than the one you get when you order, do you sell silicone rings? I can’t find them.

  • Anne

    Happened on this blog post after I bought a ring. I’m glad to know I’m supporting fellow D&D lovers!

  • Mike Smith

    Loved the bit, ordered a ring the next day. Thanks for doing what you do!

  • Tristan McDowell

    How long will the Critical Role code be good for? I LOVE the rings and my wife and I would like to invest in these but have other financial priorities at the moment.

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