Thorum and Critical Role campaign together!

The Gladiator - Critical Role and Thorum Wedding Rings


Hail Shieldbrothers and Shieldsisters!

Our wedding rings were recently featured in Critical Role

Our founder Caleb and his wife Stephanie have been playing DnD since 2017.

Thorum Owners Caleb Martin CEO and Stephanie Martin CMO

Caleb Martin CEO and Stephane Martin CMO

Many of our bands have been inspired by DnD, and all things nerdy... I actually named The Baldur after Baldur's gate. We ended up referencing Norse mythology, because that's awesome too.

Our shipping manager Chris and his wife Courtney have been playing in a long time DnD campaign of their own. Chris uses Foundry VTT to make his dungeon master creations come to life:

Chris Neal DnD Campaign Thorum

Christopher Neal and Courtney Neal's DnD Campaign

To celebrate this joyous and momentous occasion:

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Also, my wife Stephanie took some fantastic photos for this affair that I just want to share. No context necessary. Here they are :)

 The Brutalist Wedding Band from Thorum

 The Brutalist in "Dungeon crawl style" - Steph

The Forte Jack Daniels Whiskey Barrel Ring by Thorum

The Forte

Thank you to everyone who made this possible. A special thanks to the entire Critical Role cast, crew, and all of the people behind the scenes over there (Special thanks Eli and Ben!).

As always if you ever have any questions, we'd love to help. Reach out to us:

Until next time.




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