How To Care For My Wedding Band?

How To Care For My Wedding Band

Ah, one of our most asked questions….”How do I care for my wedding band?”

While we pride ourselves on sourcing the finest materials that are unique and beautiful in every way, we understand that with uncommon materials comes questions about how to care for your wedding ring to ensure the longevity of it. We’re giving you a few ways to care for your wedding band after you’ve tied the knot. 

Remove When Showering or Swimming

Each Thorum wedding ring is durable, which is why we always provide a one-year warranty on every ring you purchase from us, however there are ways that you can ensure the life of your ring will last and removing when showering or swimming is certainly one of them. 

The different chemicals in soaps and shampoos can be harmful to your precious jewelry over time, so why risk it? Simply remove your ring before your hop in for a steamy shower to protect it from repeated exposure to unknown chemicals. 

Same with the pool. Use swim time as a good opportunity to slip on your Thorum silicone band instead of your actual wedding ring. Damage from harsh pool chemicals and even the risk of losing your ring are significantly decreased if you just store your ring somewhere safe during your family vaca swim sesh. 

Remove When Working Out

Gotta get in a good pump? Do yourself a favor and leave your wedding ring at home, or keep a Thorum Silicone band in your gym bag. Your hands may get ultra-sweaty after a good cardio sesh, or if you’re using chalk you don’t want it getting all over your beautiful Thorum ring. And too, lifting weights with metal bars or dumbbells rubbing against your ring will prevent unnecessary wear and tear or potential scratches. 

Throw on your silicone band and you won’t have to worry about any gym elements scratching or causing damage to your ring. 

Clean Your Ring Frequently

To keep your ring looking out-of-the-box new, use the Thorum Ring Care Kit at least a couple times a year. No need to take it to a professional jewelry store to get beautiful results, you can clean your ring right at home. 

Our care kit comes with natural beeswax and an extra soft microfiber cloth to help maintain the natural beauty of your ring for years to come. The beeswax helps to maintain your rings everyday shine and help block out excess moisture. 

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