We design, assemble, and polish every single ring in shop.

Here's a breakdown of our most common ring components, and how we use them:

Damascus Steel

Damascus Steel Ring, Damascus Steel Wedding Ring | Thorum


We source forge welded Damascus steel rods from both the US, and abroad. 

The current varieties we offer are high carbon, and stainless. 

Damascus steel is turned and profiled on a lathe, and then acid etched with Ferric Chloride to produce the awesome and unique grain patterns.


Titanium Wedding Ring, Titanium Ring | Thorum

We only use the best grade of Titanium available for rings (grade 5 6AL-4v). 

We currently source over 75% of them in the USA from Mcmaster Carr. Some components are sourced abroad, and assembled in shop. 

Titanium is shaped and profiled on a slantbed CNC lathe, and the comfort fit is finished on a manual gunsmithing lathe. 


Meteorite Wedding Ring, Meteorite Engagement Ring | Thorum

We currently make Gibeon meteorite rings. While we have nearly every kind imaginable, Gibeon offers extra rust resistance, and has a beautiful grain pattern.

Our meteorite is sourced both domestically in Moab, Utah, and abroad. 

We get help from specialists in cobalt chrome platings for special finishes.

Tungsten Carbide

Tungsten Carbide Rings, Tungsten Carbide Wedding Band | Thorum

We exclusively use CW2 Jeweler's Grade Tungsten Carbide in every ring.

Tungsten Carbide is sintered abroad, and PVD IP plated. 

We receive components, and polish them in shop. 

All Tungsten Carbide designs with separate components are affixed with Titanium epoxy and assembled in shop. 

Whiskey Barrel

Whiskey Barrel Wedding Ring, Engagement Ring, Jack Daniel's Ring | Thorum

Our whiskey barrel is sourced all over the place. We offer a variety of different timbers from different brands in designs.

We stabilize the oak in a vacuum with acrylic resin, and seal every piece with marine grade epoxy. 

Desert Ironwood

Desert Ironwood Ring, Wood Wedding Ring | Thorum

We make Ironwood rings from both Desert Ironwood and Lignum Vitae. 

It's some of the hardest timber on earth. It even sinks in water!

California Redwood

California Redwood Ring | Thorum

As always, our California Redwood is sourced in an ecofriendly manner.

It was sourced from a downed tree in a fire some years ago (we have a lot of it!).

Dinosaur Bone

Dinosaur Bone Ring, T-Rex Wedding Ring | Thorum

If you made it this far, you are witnessing new information! Thanks for sticking with me!

Standard dinosaur bone is sourced in Moab, Utah. 

Our T-Rex bone is dated in the Hell Creek Formation (Cretaceous period), and came from present day Montana. 

We set the stone inlay in shop, and seal it with marine grade epoxy to insure it's entirely waterproof. 

As always! If you have any questions, please reach out to us. We'd love to hear from you.



**Our manufacturing process is constantly improving, and subject to change. 

We work to make the most durable, unique, and aesthetically pleasing designs available.


2 Kommentare

  • Richard Ashkar

    I love you meteorite rings, however only one of them appears to be sealed in marine grade boat epoxy. Is that an option for all of your meteorite rings?

  • Boris

    Great work Caleb! Really unique and beautiful.

    My only issue is that you seem to be doing only wedding rings and bands. I feel those are a bit too common and standard. So the creative materials could be somewhat wasted on them. I would love to see more imaginative forms as well.

    I found a few interesting ideas from Pinterest, hope they prove inspiring ;)

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